Zupan's Markets


The Zupan's Markets Demonstration Kitchen was a hub of activity at Corks + Forks 2019. Featuring four chefs and wineries throughout the evening, guests were provided insights on the dishes and thoughtful wine pairing suggestions. Stay tuned for the schedule of chefs and wineries participating in the 2020 Zupan's Markets Demonstration Kitchen!



Photos by Andrea Lonas




Joy Church owns the creative agency, JCPlaysWithFood. As a culinary coach, Joy helps food and beverage brands of all sizes develop and launch their products, and expand and grow their businesses. Joy’s resume includes eighteen years of non-profit leadership with a focus on food justice and security for underserved communities. Currently, Joy serves as Vice President of the Portland Culinary Alliance and is a member of Les Dames d’ Escoffier. Joy is a true food enthusiast; having traveled on culinary trips to Central America, Asia, and Europe. She previously worked in F&B in Laguna Beach and Berkeley, CA. Joy writes CartWire, a monthly round-up of Portland food carts for Eater Pdx and is Contributing Editor for The Portland Pour, an on-line cocktail magazine. Previously, she was the food columnist for Yuuyake Shimbun, Oregon’s only Japanese/English newspaper. These days, you can follow Joy’s eating and imbibing escapades on Instagram @jcplayswithfood.

Photos by Andrea Lonas




Originally from Nebraska, John graduated from San Francisco’s California Culinary Academy and honed his cooking skills at San Francisco’s Aqua and Masa’s, and New York’s La Grenouille and Babbo. After a yearlong culinary tour through Italy training with top chefs in Lucca, Venice and Alba, John discovered the desire for a slower pace of life. He left Manhattan and relocated to Portland, most recently serving as the Executive Chef at Pazzo. Describing his style as “clean and simple,” John is passionate about using high quality ingredients in an intelligent way. He loves to highlight Oregon’s fresh, local produce, which was one of the factors in his move to Portland.

Featuring wines by Evening Land Vineyards. 

Photos by Andrea Lonas




New Jersey native George Kaden graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in 2005, and scored his first New York restaurant gig at the Core Club. After three years he moved onto Marco Canora’s Hearth where he worked for six years - four as chef de cuisine. George left Hearth in spring of 2014 to travel and pursue opening his own business. During his time in Portland he has held a myriad of jobs from making sausage at Imperial, to a brief stint as executive sous chef at Renata.

​In 2017 George opened Grand Army Tavern with his wife Annalisa Maceda in the Woodlawn neighborhood of Northeast Portland. The menu at Grand Army Tavern is representative of all of his cooking experience, from whole animal butchery and charcuterie to vegetable preparations sourced from local farmers and small producers. In the spring of 2018 he was awarded Rising Star Chef from Star Chefs magazine for his work with whole animals and charcuterie.

Featuring wines by Syncline Winery.

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While growing up in Salt Lake, Brian sought out the hidden gems of food and culture that existed in and outside of the city. After having many wonderful experiences dining at sushi bars he decided he wanted to give people that same kind of experience. He begged his way into an apprenticeship to become a sushi chef; once he established himself in the culinary world, he moved to Portland to become part of the growing culinary scene. With him came his passion for Japanese-inspired cuisine. Eleven years later, he has been a fixture behind sushi bars and in the kitchens of some of Portland’s highly rated restaurants. He spends his time cooking and educating himself on food that has captivated him through his journey. 

Featuring wines by Alexana Winery.

Photos by Andrea Lonas

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Since 1993, Moonstruck Chocolate Co. has been handcrafting artisan chocolates that not only delight the senses, but also nourish the imagination. Moonstruck uses only the finest and freshest ingredients, including superior quality cocoa beans originating from some of the most exotic locations in the world.

Kiah Hart has worked with Moonstruck Chocolate for the three years but her love for chocolate began when she was old enough to reach the kitchen counter. A devout fan of food, Kiah has spent countless hours in her home kitchen experimenting with fun flavor combinations and will try anything once. She considers herself lucky to live in Oregon where we have access to world-class food and wine.

Featuring wines by Willamette Valley Vineyards.